We sell products that decrease the release of greenhouse gases (carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrous gases (NOx)).

Explosive Emulsions

Environment-friendly as there is close contact between the oxidizing agent and combustive agent in their molecular structure. This contact is microscopic, between 0.5 and 3 microns, which allows each drop of oxidizing solution (ammonium nitrate) to be surrounded by fuel (oil). Therefore, the reduction oxidation reaction is fast, allowing greater detonation speed and better quality blasting gases. Also, our emulsions line does not contain perchlorates in their composition and their detonation products are benign (water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrogen).


The ANFO manufactured by Famesa uses ammonium nitrate with excellent oil absorption and retention, and a perfect balance of oxygen in the ANFO, which favors minimal release of toxic gases (CO / NOx) during the explosion, decreasing greenhouse gases.