FAMESA launches SAN-G APU, Eco-friendly Innovation, for open-pit mining

Consistent with the continuous improvement in the last 10 years of research, FAMESA Explosivos has developed a new technology of gasifiable emulsions focused on large-scale open-pit mining. Read more


FAMESA expands into the Chilean market and opens an explosives factory

FAMESA gets ready to open its first explosives factory in Chile. This initiative will allow Famesa to make inroads into the large-scale mining of this country, where the largest mines in the world are located. Read more


FAMESA will export services and open more subsidiaries abroad

At present, the company exports to 25 countries, and this year they expect to expand into Central America and Africa. They aim to reach the largest mining projects. They will open a subsidiary per year. Read more


FAMESA EXPLOSIVOS opens new main offices

Famesa Explosivos opens this month its new main offices at the Business Center Los Inkas located at Av. Circunvalación Golf Los Inkas, Santiago de Surco. Read more


FAMESA EXPLOSIVOS provides training to State institutions in safety and handling explosives

Famesa Explosivos takes part in the Professional and Specialization Program in Ammunition and Explosives of the Navy of Peru. Read more


Famesa will attend the 43rd Conference on Explosives & Blasting Technique

The event will be held between 29 January and 1 February 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Read more


Famesa present in the largest modern engineering project: the expansion of the Panama Canal

Famesa, with over sixty-three years’ experience in the explosive products and accessories industry, took part in this mega project to expand the Panama Canal. Read more


FAMESA, Traceability guaranteed from start to end

Each stage of the production process is identified, documented and recorded. Read more


FAMESA won the Annual Recognition to Commercialization of Patented Invention

The Directorate of Inventions and New Technologies of INDECOPI awarded the prize. Read more