FAMESA expands into the Chilean market and opens an explosives factory

FAMESA gets ready to open its first explosives factory in Chile. This initiative will allow Famesa to make inroads into the large-scale mining of this country, where the largest mines in the world are located.

For some years now, the Peruvian manufacturer has been serving small and medium-sized mines in the southern nation, but it was not able to do the same with large-sized mines since it had to “be a local manufacturer of bulk explosives in Chile”, explains Eduardo Yrygoyen, General Manager of FAMESA.

“Our factory in La Serena (Coquimbo) will allow us to start serving the large-scale mining in Chile with a continuous supply of explosives, which was impossible to achieve exporting from Peru”, he states.

FAMESA is the first Peruvian manufacturer of explosives installed in Chile.

To the conquest of Chile

FAMESA’s factory is now on its trial phase and will start its operations at the beginning of May.
According to Yrigoyen, the factory has the advantage of being located in a place disregarded by most of the explosives manufacturers in Chile, who are generally installed further north, as in the region of Antofagasta.
“In La Serena, we are near medium and large-sized mines, such as Romeral, Andina and El Teniente (the largest subterranean mine in the world), both from Codelco, and we can also reach mines located in the north through our powder magazines’ network”, added the General Manager.

The goal of Famesa is to increase its participation in the Chilean explosives market from 4% to 15% over the next five years, in competition with global manufacturers such as Orica and Enaex.

For such purpose, Famesa has its own innovations, such as SAN-G APU®️, an eco-friendly product, based on gasifiable emulsions to make companies save time and money thanks to a better capacity to fragment masses of rock and to remove the presence of polluting gases.
“The proof is that this product has just been approved by Codelco,” says Yrigoyen.

FAMESA has invested US$5 million on its factory in Chile, a brand-new base of operations where it plans to export explosives to Argentina and other distant countries, making use of the optimal Chilean infrastructure.

Source: El Comercio Newspaper - Day 1