FAMESA EXPLOSIVOS opens new main offices

As part of its growth strategy and in order to reinforce its presence in the Peruvian market, Famesa Explosivos, a national company with more than 65 years leading research and development processes of emulsions, opens this month its new main offices at the Business Center Los Inkas located at Av. Circunvalación Golf Los Inkas, Santiago de Surco.

According to Eduardo Yrigoyen, General Manager of Famesa Explosivos, the main goal of changing the headquarter is to have a working environment promoting innovation, integration and communication. “The market evolves quickly and we are adapting to be able to ensure the sustained growth of our business. These new offices will allow us to show all our potential, strength and experience in the market, with an avant-garde, modern and innovative space reflecting the Famesa culture and allowing us to get closer to our clients,” emphasized Yrigoyen.

The new main headquarter has an area of 1,357 m2, where about 100 collaborators will be able to work within a common space with an octagonal, restrained and modern design that, with some degree of flexibility, brings together and makes easier the work between different areas, also offering a balance for the users comfort.

This project is aligned with the Famesa’s growth plan 2018, which also includes the update and acquisition of new technologies for its four factories in Peru and the opening of new operations abroad.” The outlook is pretty encouraging, we expect to achieve a growth of 10% and continue to meet the needs of the market this year,” indicated the General Manager.

Finally, it is important to highlight the commitment of Famesa Explosivos with the environment. The use of materials was minimized, the natural light and the lighting were optimized, making energy savings up to 60%, and a recycling area was also established to continue encouraging the environmental awareness of all its collaborators in the new offices.