FAMESA EXPLOSIVOS provides training to State institutions in safety and handling explosives

Famesa Explosivos, a Peruvian company leading research and development processes of emulsions, takes part in the Professional and Specialization Program in Ammunition and Explosives of the Navy of Peru, through the workshop on composition, handling and processes of safety in the use and handling of explosives.

The goal of the training was to provide to technicians and officials of the infantry of the Peruvian Navy information about topics of safety and handling of explosives in the industrial area, as well as to present the main characteristics of the Famesa Explosivos’ products in the market.

The training took place in the facilities of the company located in the district of Puente Piedra. For an average of 8 hours, technicians and officials of the Peruvian Navy received information on topics such as: Safety in storage and transport of explosives, types and use of explosives, civil use tools, tools quality control, among others.

Throughout 2017, Famesa Explosivos has provided training to different State institutions, standing out the training provided to the Armed Forces of Bolivia as a request of its authorities.

“One of our goals for the next year is to continue with trainings on the correct use of explosives and new technologies in order to contribute training on a culture of safety,” indicates Eduardo Yrigoyen in his inaugural address.