FAMESA launches SAN-G APU, Eco-friendly Innovation, for open-pit mining

Consistent with the continuous improvement in the last 10 years of research, FAMESA Explosivos has developed a new technology of gasifiable emulsions focused on large-scale open-pit mining. We are talking about SAN-G APU, a proposal “made in response to our customers’ need for an eco-friendly product that, at the same time, maximizes process productivity at lower operating costs”, says Eduardo Yrigoyen, General Manager of Famesa Explosivos.

This new technology offers a solution for mining companies focused on the environmental protection in their operation areas.  In the last months, tests have been successfully conducted in the most important mining companies of the country. “These are innovative systems for the market and our commitment is to ensure their correct implementation and operation under the most demanding conditions, so working hand in hand with several important and demanding companies allows us to notice the quality and excellent performance of our products,” said Yrigoyen, who emphasized that these tests are always conducted under the technical supervision of the mining company and a team of professionals from FAMESA Explosivos.

Through innovation, Famesa Explosivos aims to give an added value to its products and to offer benefits to its customers, since this new technology was born as an answer to the need of a product with a higher velocity of detonation (VOD), improved fragmentation, minimal orange smoke and lower prices/costs than traditional ANFO and HEAVY ANFO.