FAMESA, Traceability guaranteed from start to end

FAMESA identifies, informs and records each stage of production process.

FAMESA has a modern system with high standards in traceability technology that precisely records each stage of production process from its wide range of products. The company has been able to develop a follow-up process in order to monitor each dynamite cartridge.

This traceability technology allows determining immediately the exact delivery route of a dynamite lot in order to solve any consultation made by the authorities. It also helps to identify to whom each product lot was sold. In short, the traceability allows having a history record per each retail product.

The traceability process of Safety Fuses and Detonating Cord uses a record per meter of information; Fanel and Fulmenec use a tag in the shock tube or wire and even it allows to change the current tag for another one with complementary data of traceability; Superfam and Black Gunpowder have a tag per bag (traceability unit); Emulnor, Detonitas and Dynamites use conveyor belts with record of TID through inkjet; Booster and related items have individual tags per piece. Regarding Emulfan, Emulgran, there are 2 traceability processes; the TID of the product is recorded by inkjet on the traceability tag or the product receives an individual tag per piece.

Traceability is one of the most important competitive advantages of FAMESA.