FAMESA will export services and open more subsidiaries abroad

At present, the company exports to 25 countries, and this year they expect to expand into Central America and Africa. They aim to reach the largest mining projects. They will open a subsidiary per year.

Thanks to its portfolio of explosives, FAMESA has burst into the five continents. Nowadays, the company aims to strengthen its presence abroad as an integrated operator in the sector, exporting not only new products, but also services.

Its Exports and Marketing Manager, Francisco Jiménez, explains that in Peru they serve the mining sector with blasting services and, since this year, they will expand this business into the region, through its subsidiaries (Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador).

“We aim to reach the largest mining projects at the same level as any global operator, being present from the design to the application of the explosives”, he said.

To date, Famesa has managed to export to 25 countries. And in 2018, Famesa is working to position itself in Central America and to expand to more countries in Africa, focusing on East Africa.

“Our expansion strategy always search for markets with large mining projects, but without local manufacturers of explosives”, said Jiménez.

He also indicated that they want to be directly present in more markets. For that reason, they will open a new subsidiary per year, starting within the next six months. Although Latin America is a region to continue expanding, we aim to expand to other regions, he said.


In 2017, Famesa recorded similar deliveries as in 2016, considering the development of five new markets and the recovery of zones. Thus, the exports were between 20% and 25% of the total turnover, and these represented 81% of the total supply of explosives in Peru, he said.

Source: Gestión Newspaper

Photo: Famesa