FAMESA won the Annual Recognition to Commercialization of Patented Invention

The Directorate of Inventions and New Technologies of INDECOPI, responsible for the promotion of inventions as a key factor for the development of Peru and dissemination of successful cases of Patent System, granted FAMESA the award to the Annual Recognition to Commercialization of Patented Inventions, first edition.

FAMESA, company dedicated to create and commercialize explosives, accessories and demolition agents, assumed the challenge of investing in research and development in such areas as a competitive advantage for the national and international market.

- “FAMESA bets for research, effectiveness of innovation and discipline which are characteristics of an innovate company. In this sense, the patents developed by FAMESA contribute to cost reduction, greater acceptation of a product in the market in comparison with the competence and, therefore, to greater sales and utility.

Our most important patent of utility model, applied in 2009, is the Factory Truck to gasify an Emulsion Matrix, a pioneer invention of its kind. This invention provides a technical advantage regarding the current gasification designs in factory trucks for open pit mineblasting. It is accompanied by SAN-G®, an aqueous solution of gasifiable nitrate that creates an explosive mixture”.

Thanks to the assessment of INDECOPI, our company now knows that creating a patent means to protect the effort of our professionals, invest in certain areas without the fear of being copied and keep a competitive advantage of our development.

FAMESA, owner of 16 patents, is the economical agent with greater amount of patents obtained throughout the history of our country which is an investment capacity that has allowed us to provide our products to the most important markets around the world.