Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

At Famesa, safety is essential for the sustainability of our company and business.
Our facilities and processes are governed by the highest safety standards, and we also work continuously so that our workers are aware of their roles and responsibilities in maintaining a safe work environment.

Safety is an ongoing personal and professional practice.

Our 5 pillars of action:

1. Industrial Safety in Processes (ISPRO)
Ensure safe working conditions in the company

2. Attitude-Based Safety (ABS)
Create value in the safety of our workers and promote an interdependent prevention culture in order to achieve the goal of “zero accidents” in the company.

3. Industrial Hygiene– Ergonomics (HYG-ERG)
Prevent occupational illnesses. Inform about hazards in the work environment and for workers.

4. Emergency Response System (ERS)
Always be active and prepared to attend to any emergency at any time.

5. Industrial Safety and Hygiene Management System (ISHMS)
Create continuous improvement in the area to ensure that what is planned by the safety area is carried out.

At Famesa, our most valuable asset is our people. Therefore, their safety is part of a comprehensive participatory prevention and integrated action plan. Each participant has a fundamental role in preserving collective and personal safety because safety is everyone’s job.
Implementation and startupof comprehensive safety plans accompany our workers while they carry out their activities, as well as providing them with an enabling environment, with the required international and local safety protocols.

In the Famesa family we protect each other because we are all responsible for safety.