Security Certifications

Security Certifications

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC), this certification promotes the international secure commerce to prevent smuggling, illicit drug trafficking and terrorism, in cooperation with international bodies and governments.

BASC allows a permanent exchange of information, training and sharing of experience in order to increase knowledge and improve the good practices related to safety of operations of the companies engaged in international commerce.

The BASC Committee at Famesa is made up of the departments of security, research and development, and human resources and BASC coordinator.

  • BASC contributes to the improvement of our security processes by creating a safe work environment.
  • BASC contributes to the loyalty of our customers by preventing the intentional pollution of our products by third parties to its detriment.
  • BASC boosts the business efficiency by facilitating the sale processes both at national and international level.

Your safety is our priority.