Comprehensive Blasting Service (CBS)

Comprehensive Blasting Service (CBS)

At Famesa, our Comprehensive Blasting Service (CBS) has the best team of executives and support staff to constantly and systematically check that your goals are being met.

At Famesa, we respect safety standards and preserve the environment, striving for the best quality of blasts and operational efficiency, reducing mining costs and taking care of the mine.

Our Comprehensive Blasting Service (CBS) for open-pit operations offers you:

  • Construction and administration of portable and fixed powder magazines.
  • Supply of the entire range of explosives, agents and blasting accessories.
  • Priming, stemming and tie-in of drill holes with teams of qualified personnel, under the strict supervision of experienced engineers and technicians.
  • On-site preparation and loading of explosives in drill holes, fleet of factory trucks and auxiliary support equipment.
  • Advisory in the design of drilling grids and blasting patterns.
  • Technical assistance to optimize results.
  • Quality control support for all our explosives and accessories

Administrative and logistical support to effectively use human, material and economic resources.